The Dove
About us

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We are a come-as-you-are, welcoming, and caring congregation of ordinary people trying to figure out this faith thing and what it means to be followers of Jesus Christ.

We enjoy being in community with one another and being involved with the community around us. We hope you will join us!

Sunday Mornings
10:00 AM -- Church Service/Worship
          o  Includes activities for children and nursery care
 +  11:00 AM -- Coffee & Conversation

Please check our calendar, other pages of our website, or call the church office at 541-688-2218 for more information.

Our Name is Peace!

Peace Presbyterian Church takes its name seriously. In all we do, we strive to seek and cultivate God's Shalom.

Shalom is the Hebrew word for peace. But shalom means much more than peace. There is no English word that captures the breadth and depth of the Hebrew word Shalom. Shalom includes peace, justice, wholeness, health, unity, community, and well-being. It extends beyond the health-giving relationships of people to one another and internal peace to the responsible use of the natural world--plants, animals, earth, water, and air.

This is what we hope you will find when you visit Peace--
   We hope you will find -- Shalom.


We are a family of believers, guided by God, to love, worship, serve and share Christ's shalom!

We are a congregation that intentionally seeks out ongoing opportunities for common work which accommodate our capabilities, are consistent with our mission, allow us to develop relationships and contribute to our spiritual growth.

We are a church family that is caring and also open, one that practices hospitality to both friend and stranger and intentionally incorporates new members into our work and fellowship.

We are a church for all ages which forms and nurtures Christian disciples in all stages--in spiritual vibrancy, service and stewardship.

We are a church that supports, encourages, cares for, and equips our pastor for effective ministry, understanding ourselves as partners to our minister, and taking active steps to understand our pastor's life work.